Don't worry! Contact our call centre on 16 007 and we will freeze your mobileSMK account on your phone. Upon getting a new phone or number you will need to go into a post office with identification and we will reactivate it for you.

You can send money to anyone with a Digicel mobile phone, however, if the recipient does not have a registered mobileSMK account they must go to their nearest Post Office or mobileSMK Agent and complete the mobileSMK account registration form in order that they can withdraw the cash.

Contact our call centre on 16 007 and we will reset it for you.

You must check details carefully for each transaction ensuring this does not happen all transactions are final.

When you register your mobileSMK account you will be prompted to change your PIN number. You can change this at any time using your mobileSMK menu and selecting "My Account".

Provided you keep your PIN number safe and to yourself, no one else can access your mobileSMK account. Remember, it is important not to give your PIN Number to anyone else!

No. It is like a bank account. You can withdraw any amount at any time.

The maximum balance you can have on your mobileSMK account is K5,000.

Your mobileSMK account will not be affected, it will remain connected to your number.

If you have not received an SMS confirming the transaction then the transaction has been aborted. If you have any concerns then you can:

  • Check your Balance
  • Check your Transaction History
  • Or contact the mobileSMK Call Centre for free on 16 007 and we will check the transaction for you.

The money will stay with the old number unless you request a transfer of the money to your new number. To transfer your mobileSMK account please contact Customer Care for free on 16 007.

Yes, mobileSMK works on the simplest phones to the most sophisticated phones.

No, mobileSMK only works on the Digicel network.

No, mobileSMK monies stay forever!



If you need to contact the mobileSMK Call Centre on 16 007 because of an issue with a transaction, quote this number.

They can then easily track the status of the transaction.

At all on line Post Offices.

And also throughout our Agency Network where you see the “mobileSMK” sign.

No. It is like a bank account. You can withdraw any amount at any time.


Anything you want ... K0.01 to K5,000.

If you have the money on your mobileSMK account.

No. This is because under the Regulations there are restrictions on the balance you can have on your account.

Having more than one account would be bypassing this rule.

There is no limit though there is a K5,000 limit for the balance.

Accordingly, to send K10,000 would require 2 Cash Ins of K5,000.